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Understanding the needs and importance for time sensitive shipments is almost second nature

Air Freight

From the smallest package to the largest airplane available, ProKío understands to the last detail, time sensitive handling of all your special cargo. From a 1 hour hop carrying irreplaceable backline to a full 747F to be delivered clear to the other side of the world, attention to detail, delivers every time. Whether important cargo or your entire crew, we have all airplane options available to make things happen.


Rail or truck, we can provide the safest, most professional services available. Should you need 1 or 100 tractor trailers, from point A to B or an entire tour across borders, we have the solutions for you. Our experience with trains handling cargo, circus animals and personnnel is extensive and without a doubt atop the entertainment industry in the entire country.

Ocean Shipments

Our capability to locate, prepare and transport large amounts of cargo by sea, cannot be matched in the country. We have the best contacts on both oceans and all the experience to have your needs met in every way.

Warehousing & Storage

Logistics Consultancy

Customs Brokerage

Mexico is a large country with twisted roads that are not always the most logical although mostly in good shape, people are friendly and hard working, however, it isn’t always easy to get around. There is a special need for knowledge regarding the idiosyncrasy of the locals as well as the laws, written or not, that surround our business. We know our way, we are a Mexican company operated by Mexicans who know our way like you know your way to the kitchen at home in the middle of the night with the lights off.

Specializing in time sensitive movements for the live events industry, trade shows, film & television productions and corporate clientele.

Pro Kio Logistics S de RL de CV – Mexico City

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